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Pros Perfect Uninstaller review screenshot Quickly uninstalls hard-to-remove programs. Uses three methods to uninstall programs: The Uninstall Wizard, the Special Uninstall Wizard, and the Force Uninstall Wizard. Removes junk files that clog-up and slow your computer. Includes Restore Registry and Startup Manager tools.

Cons Choosing the right wizard to use takes a bit of figuring out.

Verdict Will remove most software, using brute force, if necessary.

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Quickly uninstalls hard-to-remove programs — Some crafty companies make their software almost impossible to get rid of. But they’re no match for Perfect Uninstaller because it makes light work of getting rid of them.

It uses three methods to uninstall programs — The Uninstall Wizard uninstalls programs just like the regular Windows Add/Remove Programs, only 3 times faster. The Special Uninstall Wizard is for programs that can’t be uninstalled by Windows Add/Remove Programs. And for really stubborn programs there’s the Force Uninstall Wizard. So one way or another, Perfect Uninstaller will get rid of your unwanted programs.

Removes junk files — After uninstalling a program, it cleans the junk files and registry entries that would get left behind if you had used Windows Add/Remove Programs.

Includes a Restore Registry feature — The Restore Registry tool lets you to restore your registry to a previous state, and restore files from the recycle bin, should you ever need to.

Startup Manager helps you speed-up Windows Startup — Not all the programs that start when Windows starts, need to run automatically. The Startup Manager lets you choose which programs start automatically and which don’t. Disabling some programs will make Windows start quicker.


Doesn’t remove all associated files — After uninstalling programs, it sometimes leaves a few files and empty folders behind.

Bottom line

If you’re struggling to remove stubborn programs, then Perfect Uninstaller will get rid of them — using brute force, if necessary.

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Requirements: Windows® 8, 7, Vista (32-bit & 64-bit), XP, NT or 2003.