PC Speed Maximizer review

Pros PC Speed Maximizer review screenshot Optimizes and speeds-up Windows. Fixes Windows registry errors. Deletes the junk files that are choking the life out of your computer. Speeds-up Windows Startup. Deletes privacy files to stop people snooping on you.

Cons “More info” links don’t explain anything.

Verdict If you wanna make your computer run faster than new, you’ll love it.

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Optimizes and speeds-up Windows — As well as fixing registry errors, it also optimizes your computer’s registry. And it gives you the option to tweak and optimize 24 Windows settings. (If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can just click the “Recommended” button and let PC Speed Maximizer do it all for you.)

Fixes Windows registry errors — Registry errors are one of the major culprits of a slow computer, so PC Speed Maximizer fixes them. This includes shared DLLs, application paths, file/path references, COM/ActiveX object entries, uninstall entries, font entries, program shortcuts, and shell extensions. Basically all the things that are putting a dent in your computer’s performance.

Deletes junk files — Every time you use your computer, it creates dozens of junk files. And because they never get deleted, they keep piling up to the point where they’re choking the life out of your computer. PC Speed Maximizer quickly flushes all this crap out of your computer’s system. So along with the other tweaks and optimizations, you can easily expect to see your computer’s speed increase by 100%, 200%… even as much as 300%.

Speeds-up Windows Startup — Some of the programs that start when Windows starts, don’t need to start automatically, because you may not use those programs very often. So there’s no point in having them eat up valuable system resources. The Startup Manager lets you stop some programs start automatically. The Startup Manager lets you disable programs from starting automatically so Windows starts faster.

Stops people snooping on you — It can remove all traces of your computer activities and your Internet tracks. This includes stuff like your recently open documents, email trash, media player files, instant messaging logs, Web search history, temporary files, streaming videos, and tracking cookies.


“More info” links don’t explain anything — After running a scan, there’s a “More info” link next to each result category. But clicking on them just shows you where the files are located, rather than giving you any information about the files.

Bottom line

If your computer feels slower than swimming through molasses, then PC Speed Maximizer will breathe new life into it and make it run like new again.

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Requirements: Windows® 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 & 2000.